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HOT MIX ASPHALT (HMA) SAMPLING TECHNICIAN INSP ECTION DUTIES Duties of the Hot Mix Asphalt Sampling Technician consist of, but are not limited to the following: A. Plant Sampling. (Article 2303.04, IM 204 & 511) 1. Obtain asphalt binder samples as directed by Contracting Authority personnel per IM 323 and IM 204.

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Asphalt pavement and asphalt cement sampling and testing shall be performed at the discretion of the DPW Director or designee at a minimum, a representative asphalt pavement sample shall be taken from the first one thousand(1,000) tons, and all mix

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Colorado Procedure 41-19 Standard Practice for Sampling Hot Mix Asphalt (This procedure is based upon AASHTO T 168-91. AASHTO T 168-91 or any subsequent revisions may not be used in place of this procedure.) 1. SCOPE 1.1 This procedure covers sampling of hot mix asphalt (HMA) at points of manufacture, storage, or delivery.


CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES HANDBOOK. THICKNESS PAY ADJUSTMENTS . 1-31-19 : The Department tests cores taken from asphalt pavements to assess the quality of the pavement based on Air Voids and Thickness. The Specifications provide for positive between paving and core sampling and between core sampling and delivery

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The procedures for properly removing concrete samples by core drilling are given in ASTM C 42. Cores must be taken using diamond-studded core bits when the cores are to be tested for strength. A shot drill may be acceptable for other applications when the core is drilled vertically. However, diamond-studded core bits are recommended for other

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tolerances, INDOT uses Quality Assurance (QA) procedures. These procedures are designed to provide for inspection of the Contractor's QC processes and random sampling of the material placed. The QA process is completed by the testing of the mixture and core samples by District Testing personnel. QUALITY CONTROL PLAN

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Asphalt Core Testing. Take The Guess-Work Out. Core testing is an extremely precise tool Eosso Brothers Paving utilizes to determine what method of pavement repair is needed. We take a sample of the pavement core directly, allowing us to see exactly what is going on with the subgrade layers of your pavement and identify potential problems

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1.2 This SOP describes sampling techniques for both hard and soft porous surfaces. 1.2.1 Hard surfaces, and most soft surfaces, can be sampled using an impact hammer drill to generate a uniform, finely ground, powder to be extracted and analyzed for PCBs. This procedure is primarily geared at providing enough sample quantity for two analyses.

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Two nationally-recognized standards for sampling asphalt binder are AASHTO T 40 and ASTM D 140. The basic procedure is the same for both standards with minor differences in wording and allowable sample sizes. Asphalt binder can be sampled at a number of different places.

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2. SAMPLING PLANT-MIXED BITUMINOUS MIXTURES 2.1 Asphaltic Concrete and Asphaltic Concrete (Asphalt-Rubber) shall be sampled as described in Subsections 2.4 through 2.6. 2.2 Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course and Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course (Asphalt-Rubber) shall be sampled as described in Subsection 2.7.

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Design Procedure for Flexible Pavements . Field asphalt concrete cores and unbound disturbed material similar to those observed in the field at the time of sampling. A triaxial test was performed on each sample with confining pressures of 7, 14, and 28 kPA (1, 2, and 4 psi) and deviator

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OHD L-65 Standard Method for Sampling Asphalt Mixtures . Procedure P F NA Sampling from Transport Units 1 . Determine the un-compacted asphalt mixture locations in accordance with Cores should not be less than 2 inches nor more than 6 inches apart. 4 . Core holes should be filled as soon as possible, but within 24 hours of cutting.

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Attachment B Standard Operating Procedure: Concrete/Asphalt Sampling . Attachment C Standard Operating Procedure: Subsurface Media Sampling Using Manual Methods . Figure A-2 shows the proposed core sampling locations for the concrete floor slab within the dewatering building and the asphalt pavement within the filter cake staging

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sampling and testing procedures are established in specifications to assure an unbiased representation of the quality of the mix being produced (asphalt and air voids contents) and of the pavement construction (mat density). The control and assurance properties in Table 1 were constant throughout specification development.

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SD 314. Daily Asphalt Binder Content. SD 315. Field Density Determination of Asphalt Concrete by the Coring Method. SD 316. South Dakota Asphalt Concrete Marshall Mix Design Procedure. SD 317. Evaluating Quality Control Test Results of Aggregate Gradations, Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity, and Bulk Specific Gravity of Asphalt Concrete


3. AASHTO R 90 – Standard Practice for Sampling Aggregate Products 4. NYDOT Approved List – Materials & Equipment 5. NYSDOT Materials Method 28 - Friction Aggregate Control and Test Procedures. 6. NYSDOT Materials Procedure 401 - Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Production. 7.

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All technicians must certify for these tests: Sampling and Density Tests. AASHTO R90. Sampling Aggregate Products. Exempt if qualified in Aggregate Module, taken within one year (doesn't apply for written exam) AASHTO R67. Sampling Asphalt Mixtures After Compaction (Obtaining Cores

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Feb 01,  · Field density measurements from standard and thin lift nuclear gauges were compared to cores from the same location. The need to develop calibration factors for the nuclear gauges using cores was demonstrated. Laboratory densities were measured using the conventional SSD method (AASHTO T 166) and the CoreLok method (AASHTO T 331).

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Cal-Tech owns five mobile coring rigs for sampling in-place asphalt pavement and concrete. Our laboratory technicians are well trained to efficiently perform the various test procedures in accordance with FDOT, ASTM and AASHTO and other widely accepted standards.


Tests and Procedures the Certified Technician is qualified to perform for each level of Method of Sampling Uncompacted Hot Mix Asphalt • IM 323 - Method of Sampling Asphaltic Materials Measuring Length of Drilled Concrete Cores • IM 383 - Testing the Strength of PCC Using the Maturity Method

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Aug 21,  · STI. The STI (Sampling, Testing and Inspection) section includes links to QPLs (Qualified Products Lists), GSP, GDT and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). STI Quick Guide. STI 100 and 200 Type Construction; STI 300 Type Construction