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Force analysis of the two-satellite planetary mechanism

The proposed mechanism consists of rack 0, three-vertex links 1, 2, 3, two-vertex link 4, 1-DOF kinematic pairs A, C, D, G and 2-DOF kinematic pairs B, E, F. The structural analysis carried out in [ 13 ] showed that the mechanism exists in a three-moving space (translational displacements along the x and y axes and rotation around the z axis

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Stirred tanks are one of the most popular types of equipment in chemical, food and oil refining industries. Currently, various authors have proved that a constant speed of the impeller leads to the

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Top PDF actuation system were compiled by 1Library. ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the motion control of a camless engine valve actuation system during both steady state and transient state engine operation. The precise tracking performance obtained using controllers based on the internal model principle for the constant speed case motivates the investigation under engine speed transients.

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The hands and feet account for half of the complexity of the musculoskeletal system, while the skin of the hand is specialised with many important structures. Much of the subtlety of the mechanism of the hand lies in the soft tissues, and the tactile

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Kinematic analysis of mechanisms(at the end of machine, a mixer, a hair cutter, a lath, a packaging machine,etc. Such as hydraulic drives, springs, dashpots, fl ibl l t t hi h t id d b di th t b i l d d iflexible elements, etc. which are not considered as bodies that can be included in a

Structural synthesis and geometry analysis of planetary

Mechanisms with intermittent movement of the output link are widely used in drives of automatic and semi-automatic machines. Currently, the most widespread are the mechanisms of a permanent structure with one-way coupling (ratchet, anchor mechanisms) and mechanisms of a variable structure (Maltese mechanisms, star mechanisms, incomplete gears), however, they are characterized by high loads on

Investigation of Power Consumption in a Mixing Device with

The mixing device (cf. Fig. 1) comprises a reaction vessel 1, engine 2, actuating element 3, and planetary actuator 4, which transforms the rotation of the engine shaft into the swinging movement of the actuating element.The actuator (double-row planetary reducing gear with two external linkages in which one pair of cylindrical gears is replaced by elliptical gears) comprises an input shaft 5

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The iCub wrist mk.2 is a 2DOF cable driven mechanism, as shown in Figure2. The wrist is actuated by two Faulhaber 1331T012SR brushed DC motors, coupled to 159:1 planetary gear-heads that drive the pitch and yaw rotations of the hand. The motive power is transmitted by means of a cable-drive

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Aug 28,  · Fig. S5. Magnetic actuation and steering mechanism based on a cylindrical permanent magnet for experimental demonstrations of the proposed ferromagnetic soft continuum robots. Fig. S6. Influence of spatial gradients of the actuating magnetic field on the actuation and steering of

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The kinematics and geometry of the parallel link mechanism has been studied in detail. The kinematic analysis for the parallel manipulator consists of developing a set of kinematic equations for the six linear actuators in terms of the "world coordinates" (tP,e,a,x,y,z). These kinematic

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omnidirectional wheels such that the slip due to kinematic issues is zero. To develop the kinematics of the platform, a general con-figuration is assumed, and an inertial coordinate frame is Contributed by the Mechanisms and Robotics Committee Division of ASME for publication in the JOURNAL OF MECHANISMS AND ROBOTICS. Manuscript received June

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a drive link which is one of the links of said four-bar linkage, said drive link being fixedly attached to said rotating output shaft of said rotary drive so as to drive said flap drive mechanism. 3. The flap drive mechanism of claim 2 wherein said track means is a straight track. 4.

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The solar unit could supply an average of about 52% of annual energy requirement and about 50% of energy requirement in low-irradiance days of winter. To produce one kilogram of marketable lettuce, fuzzy-based mode required 43% less area, 56% less water, and 74% less energy, compared to ordinary mode.

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herzog software is also included on thumb drive. unit is tested and ready to go. the hda 627 with a status display, separate start- and stop-buttons and an external pc. the hda 627 is an automatic distillation analyzer for determining the atmospheric boiling curve (i.e. the vapor temperature in relation to distillated percent of volume) of

Modeling and Simulation of a 6 DOF Robot

actuating the robotic system. This procedure can be applicable to other parallel and serial robotic systems. With the kinematic setup the end-effector can be positioned within the workspace of the robotic system. Fig. 3: The procedure of inverse kinematics simulation.

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However, the drive mechanism of the wrist has non-linearity from a mechanical viewpoint. Also, the pneumatic actuators used as the drive source have a kinematic chain. The business end of the kinematic paint mixers, air cranking motors, railway roadbed tampers, valve grinders, reciprocating filing machines,

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What is claimed is: 1. A manpower-driven cycle, comprising: a frame with a straight bar equipped with a front steering wheel and a rear drive wheel, actuating means with a gripping handle operated by the user in a back-and-forth rowing movement, a driving mechanism transforming said back-and-forth movement into a rotation movement of the rear wheel, and means for guiding the front steering

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A kinematic mechanism such as a cam lobe or a scotch yoke may be used as the energy conversion element. a linearly driving drive member; an actuating member driven in a rotating manner by an internal combustion engine charging device with at A reciprocating drive assembly is disclosed for use in a fluid mixer to impart reciprocating

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The scope of this paper is to present a novel method of actuating the legs of a walking parallel kinematic machine tool (WalkingHex) such that the upper spherical joint can be actively driven while walking and remain a free, passive joint while performing machining operations. Different concepts for the number of Degrees of Freedom (DoF) and methods for actuating the chosen concept are

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Determination of rotational kinematics of the lower leg during sprint running using accelerometers. Justin Channells, Brendan Purcell, Rod Barrett, Daniel James. Proc. SPIE 6036, BioMEMS and Nanotechnology II, 603616 (19 January 2006); doi: 10.1117/12.638392