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The trend of buying holiday properties reached Poland. More and more people assume that it is more profitable to buy a holiday property than to invest (every year) in a holiday trip. Buying a property especially in an exotic country can be also an ideal way to emphasize the position in society. Poles look around for properties in the southern part of Poland – in the area of Zakopane and in the north – the coast of the Baltic Sea. Only few people are interested in foreign properties in Europe, Canada, Spain, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean or Hawaii.  Such an investment is on the one hand a dream come true or a wealth portfolio and on the other hand it has a hidden purpose – making money on renting.


We are truly the best in the process of obtaining great locations in Poland and abroad!!!

We will help you to choose the best product and also to finalize the comprehensive transaction.


We can also make renovations according to the current standards for our network and provide services associated with the further subleases of the property.

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